[Switch~ Ensemble]

The Thelma E. Goldberg Concert

Paine Hall
Harvard University

[Switch~] says:

A new music ensemble for the 21st Century, the [Switch~ Ensemble] is dedicated to the creation and performance of new works for chamber ensemble and multimedia. At the core of each performance is our commitment to the total integration of technology and live musicians. We strive for compelling artistry achieved through the seamless creation, production, and execution of new music.

We believe that working directly with composers throughout their creative process–in a medium where the score is a departure point rather than a finish line–allows for new and thrilling musical possibilities. Our collaborative practices are optimized for needs that differ radically from the creation and rehearsal of acoustic music, allowing for continuous experimentation and refinement.

For their residency at Harvard, the [Switch~ Ensemble] is:

Megan Arns (percussion)
T.J. Borden (cello)
Lauren Cauley (violin)
Madison Greenstone (clarinets)
Zach Sheets (flutes)

Jason Thorpe Buchanan (conductor)


  • Caleb Fried walk over; hot coals
  • Chris Lock & Julien Vincenot interludes
  • James Bean Dyad Study
  • Julio Zúñiga stars from the earth stars from the stars
  • Lauren Marshall Blue-Eyed Lover
  • Zeynep Toraman [new work]

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